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Historically, the term “yellow rose” referred to an attractive mulatto woman. Also historically, the original “Yellow Rose of Texas” was for sure one Emily West, and her story is intertwined in song and legend with the Texas Revolution of 1836. That series of battles, led by Sam Houston, made Texas a Republic, its own country until it joined the union in 1845.

The Yellow Rose is set during the revolution and supposes that Emily and Sam not only collaborated in certain incidents that gave the Texans victory, but became romantically involved in the process.

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This is the first sequel to Bonita, the story of a mother’s search to find her lost daughter and then her fight to maintain a relationship with her.

“A compelling story of self-discovery and courage”

Silvia Villalobos, author

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of You Can’t Keep Her


We were in the library, which smelled of the same leather and stale cigar smoke left behind by its late owner, Benito Alvarez. It was quite a mansion Alvarez had built high on this San Francisco hill where i now stood opposite his daughter, Flora Torres. She face me with her arms folder across her chest, so straight and stiff I wanted to cut her corset strings, fancying she’d go all wobbly like a marionette. The image amused me, but I couldn’t indulge in humor now, with her stern dark eyes locked so intently on mine.

“You live an unsavory life, Bonita Kelly. Your parents were horse thieves. Your business partner, that disgusting Sylvia Gonsalves, is a prostitute. You live in a hotel instead of a proper house. You are unfit to enter my home, let alone associate with my daughter. We won’t allow it any longer.”

She gestured to the maid, who had escorted me in. “Laura will show you out.”

Her lips squeezed together like pincers. By “We” she meant her husband, Miguel, who was away on business as he so often was, leaving her to manage, and she was managing with even more than her usual ferocity.

“Two years I’ve been calling on ‘Margarita,'” I said,using the name Flora had given my daughter instead of ‘Bonita,’ the name I’d given her at birth but had yet to broach with her.

“I should never have let things go this far, but now it’s over. From this day forward, you will not cross our doorstep.”

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The Yellow Rose

Romance amid the cannons of the Texas Revolution.

Emily West, the original Yellow Rose of Texas, and Sam Houston fall in love and establish a new nation. Just click on the left image for a trailer, click on the right to make the adventure all yours.

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The Maxwell Vendetta and The Second Vendetta

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Experience a family’s struggle against a marauder intent on destroying every trace of them and their legacy.

Set in 1908-1910 San Francisco, these historical thrillers comprise two volumes of a California frontier trilogy. The third book in the series is Bonita

With the e-book at just $2.99 and the paperback at $14.99, this is one of the greatest bargains in literary history. Just click on a cover image to buy immediately.



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