I didn’t want much. Just for folks to be able to follow Writer Working. Click on a menu, insert a button. Done? Not.

Now entering a labyrinth that would undo Daedalus.

First tunnel, iweb help directions,precise instructions that didn’t work, nonsensical terminology, step-by-step procedures omitting key steps. Next tunnel, Apple Chat. Cheerful and helpful folks that did their best. Maybe it was me.

Next tunnel–GoDaddy.com (Yes, there really is such a company. Very successful. The registrar of the writer working domain name. But they don’t care how hard the writer is working.)

Behold, another apple chat tunnel. Oxygen now getting thin. Darkness complete. I hear water trickling into some deep cavern. Getting closer. Maybe the next step. . .  Stop.  Problem half-solved.

Avoid cavern, turn left, turn right, tunnel narrowing. Now on hands and knees for more chatting. Giant takes over my computer, red cursor sliding here and there, commanding me to follow and click at his will. Now, suddenly, I’m paying $49 for the misery.

A huge voice echoes, “Giant can’t get  you out. Must call engineers.”


“Giant not kid.”


“But wait, is that a pinpoint of light?”

“Giant asking where.”

“To the left.”

“Oh, fee fi fo fum. Giant didn’t see that. Maybe crawl that way.”

“Too low to crawl.”

“Down on belly, then.”

“After long squirming. I’m out.”

“Glad to be of help.”

“But I’m the one that saw the light.”

“Thank you for calling giant. You need us again, refer to  case  FUFUFU. Repeat. FUFUFU. Repeat. etc.

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