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Carl R. Brush author of The Yellow Rose

Once upon a time . . . (as all the best stories begin) I taught school (English and Drama). Now I write, travel, direct community theater plays, and work as a Transport Technician–all right, taxi service–for my grandkids

I’ve had two musical dramas (authored book and lyrics, not the music) produced non-professionally.

See the page to the right for a look at my current and coming publications–A total of six historical novels. I’ve had a number of short fiction works published in various e-zines and print mags, but my main current project has evolved into writing historical novels. [Spoiler alert–I am working on a seventh novel that is NOT an historical novel.  Working Title: Gloria’s Revenge]

With the publication of the upcoming SWINDLE IN SAWTOOTH VALLEY (See Coming Attractions), I’ve completed, along with  THE MAXWELL VENDETTA,  and THE SECOND VENDETTA, a three-volume saga of the Maxwell family of San Francisco and Northern California’s high Sierra, set around the turn of the 20th century. BONITA keeps us in California, but takes us sixty-years further into the past than the Maxwell trilogy.

And more!

In THE YELLOW ROSEA NOVEL OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, I leave California, join with my late co-author, Bob Stewart, and plunge into the drama of the 1836 Texas Revolution. Sam Houston and the (real) original Yellow Rose, Emily West, get together in an imagined triumphal relationship to defeat the Dictator Santa Anna and establish the Texas Republic

I’ve had a great time creating all these tales and characters. I hope you have a wonderful time exploring them.


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