photo copy 123Grabbing a last few minutes to zoom through our last day in Central London, the first in 25+ years, and, my, the changes. Two new bridges, a new Tate Gallery, and seemingly increased crowds, especially around Piccadilly. This is Susanne on the Millennium bridge, St. Paul’s dome in the background, which leads directly to the New Tate Modern museum.




exm-main-0012_elsalahi_web_banner_0It’s a word-class space, in which we got acquainted with a wonderful Sudanese Artist, our newest and most favorite discovery in some time. Fantastic story, fantastic art. If you get a chance, don’t miss it.


photo copy 132


Continuing down the South Bank, we took a short rest in a pair of wheelbarrow/deck chairs at a garden store/display. The English take their gardens seriously.



Also along the way, we saw a curious prevalence of blue in weird places like these treesphoto copy in front of St. Paul’s and this chicken in front of the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square.






Turns out to be an art installation in honor of London Art month and designed to get people to pay attention to

photo copy 126


trees they take for granted and call attention to worldwide deforestation. Vivid. Does get the attention. Even the toilet seat in our coffee shop is blue.




Lots of great pictures in the national gallery, of course, but the subject of the day was not Turner or Rembrandt for us, but his street artist, working in chalk on the cement outside. A short while after we took this picture, there came a short rain shower, and it all dissolved. I guess we should all admit we work in chalk in one way or another.

photo copy 124









3703-curencore600x900Finally, it was on to the Apollo theater and The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night Time. It turned out to be a great choice if you have only one night to spend at the London Theater, as we did. A superb production of a difficult, painful, yet life-affirming play. Don’t know if it will ever make it over here. It’s very English, but like Ibriham Al-Salahi, if you get the chance. . .

Thus, after a long late-night (for us) bus ride on the 94 from Piccadilly to Shepherd’s Bush, endeth our final day in Central London. We consider it well and truly spent despite all that we were unable to see–New Globe, National Portrait Gallery, etc.–and will stay away from crowds for our final few hours. Thanks again for tuning in.

Carl and Susanne

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