With one of our more fascinating guest blogs, we welcome Lennie Poffo, the wrestling poet, or the poet-wrestler. Here’s a sample of his work and just a click on his picture will send you to where you can purchase his entertaining book of poems. Have a glimpse into the poetic soul of “The Genius” of the World Wrestling Federation.

 Cover Leaping Lanny Poffo             The Junkyard Dog

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

I hope I don’t offend you

But thinkin’ about that Junk Yard Dog

Puts soul food on the menu!


Who dat walkin’ down the aisle

And flash dat million dollar smile

His eys aglow with love and lust

And another one bites the dust


The Junk Yard Dog is so much fun

And some folks say he’s #1

He’s big and black and bad and bold

With nerves of steel and heart of gold


He’s from the hungry side of town

But no one dares to put him down

He’s generating so much soul

The wrestling fans just lose control


But even though he does his thing

He’s still all business in the ring

The Junk Yard Dog is very smart

Look what he’s don’t to Jimmy Hart


He took that branding iron away

And mess up Jimmy’s little “A”

So Grab Them Cakes and come and see

The one and only “JYD”




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