A day without rain in Mexico City in July is like a day without–well, rain. We knew that coming in. Were prepared. We thought. But we didn’t realize that the a few showers here and there included the occasional deluge consisting of entire bay area yearly average in a half-hour or so. One such caught us as we were strolling to the Scott Anderson recommended restaurant of the evening. We never made it. Big rain. No taxis. Our first true Mexican adventure.

IMG_4079 IMG_4066 IMG_4057 FullSizeRenderAs for the rest, smooth and thrilling. How about a pair of Bandolinos for $27? How about the bucket list high of the Mexico national Archeological museum. How about the National Cathedral on the Plaza de Constitution? How about so much great art. There’s more to the Mexican Art scene than Frida and Diego. How about many encounters with terrific people all the way? How about my Spanish getting us by much better than I thought it ever would despite the fact that I spent no time brushing up? (I stumble, of course, but I have yet to fall.)

The city seems to  have plenty of people, but the tourist crowd seems thin. Probably all the traveler warnings. So far, groundless as far as we’re concerned. There was supposed to be some big demonstration at the Plaza yesterday, and the cops were gathered with shields, etc., but nothing transpired.

Anyhow, come on down and tell others to do the same as far as we’re concerned. And, by the way, things are cheap.

Hasta mas tarde.


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