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Paranormal Romance – What is it and why?

When I found out Erika was available for blogosphere appearances, I jumped at the chance to host her because this genre is something I’ve never read, barely heard of, and thought this would be a great opportunity to find out more. So, thanks, Erika for agreeing to enlighten us on what energizes you to spend all those keyboard hours creating these extraordinary stories. No more intro necessary. Take over, Erika.

First I would like to thank Carl for allowing me to stop by his blog today.

Second, what is the genre of paranormal romance? Many people here of it and instantly think novels/movies like Twilight. But the genre has so much more to offer. Vampires had a huge bang a few years back. Then were-animals, such as wolves and cougars took over. Angels, especially fallen ones, had a good run. So what’s next? Running on the steam of my paranormal romance Soul, I’m hoping demons hit it big.

So why write about demons, the darkest form, next to Satan, mankind has ever encountered? Let’s just say I’m a sucker for a bad boy and the badder the better. What could be sexier than a demon sent to kill but falls in love with the lady of his mission? This very thing is the premise of Soul. Many women, the main readers of paranormal romance, also love bad boys. Just look at the success of actors like Colin Farrell.

Writing about a demon is more fun than reading about one. I get the pleasure to think about what makes him tick. Sure, he has his loyalties to the devil, but there has to be more. Does he enjoy what he does? Is something being held over his head to force him into a life of evil? I sit and try to examine how it all works. That’s how I created a demon race called Takers, which are demons sent to Earth to entice people into suicide in order to give their lost souls to Satan. Once I had that idea, I thought about what could change a demon from his bad ways to make him good? Hey, it’s romance, so of course love had to do it.

Many people are turned onto the vampire world, which I must admit I have a serious soft spot for them. Just look at my novella Tyran’s Thirst. A bad vampire, a killing machine that falls for the kick-butt heroine. Some people hear “paranormal” and think ghosts and horror. Not true. Paranormal romance simply means romance between a human and some kind of creature; angels, demons, vampires, werewolves…you get the drill.

If you haven’t checked out a good paranormal romance story, try a novella. They’re cheaper, mine is currently $0.99 on Kindle. That way you haven’t invested too much time into something new.

Basically, don’t be afraid on a sub-genre. At first I was a bit nervous, but you may be surprised how sexy those bad boys or girls can really be.

Thanks much for joining Writer Working today, Erika. Fascinating.

And if you found Erika’s piece as intriguing as I did, you can click on the image of one or both of the book covers above–just as I did. You’ll go straight to Amazon, and you know the rest of the drill.

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