It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it was not so stormy, but it was night, so therefore dark. It was 16-year old Aidan’s birthday dinner at his favorite kind of restaurant–a Sushi joint. At first, all was normal. The center of the restaurant was dominated by one of those boatways that carry goodies round and round on a continuous stream while hungry patrons grab morsels from the deck. Cute for singles, couples, and even groups of three, but there were sixteen of us so we shoved several tables together against one of the bordering walls. Service was a bit slow, but we were in no hurry. We at last placed our orders and sat back to wait for a server to deliver the feast. And the server came. Except, not on two legs. . .


An amusing event, and even effective. The logistics need some polishing, but this will undoubtedly become a thing. And one of the things it will become is a job stealer, just like the self-serve lines at Safeway and Home Depot. I guess someone got paid to build the thing, so there is that, but still . . .

Happy New Year.

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