9781611942569I was steered toward Marjorie Brody’s Twisted by friend and mentor author Les Edgerton. Brody bills herself as an author of psychological suspense, and there’s plenty of truth in that sobriquet. Starting with the title, a word which conveys multiple layers of meaning both about the plot and the characters, Brody pulls us into a world of deception and double-meaning. Everyone is hiding something. Sometimes the concealment is meant to hurt, sometimes to shield. But always it’s destructive.

We’re intimately involved here with two girls. One, Sarah, is fourteen, the other, Judith, eighteen. Both are in the throes of unwanted pregnancies, though their lack of desire to give birth are for different reasons. Beyond that, I can write


very little here about the action without destroying the suspense and the surprises that abound throughout the story. What I can say is that you will find yourself on tenterhooks somewhere around page five and that you’ll stay there till the last page. No. Even after the last page.

Go for it.


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