Still working...


It’s been a while since I launched my last vessel–You Can’t Keep Her–into the stormy literary seas, so it feels like a rebirth to have finished and submitted Swindle in Sawtooth Valley. (Why the delay? I have a slew of excuses, but who’s interested? Not me.)Each of these boats sailed on a journey of its own, but collectively they form my own little navy. In addition, Swindle constitutes the third book centering on the Maxwells of Sawtooth Valley and the Circle M ranch. I’ve now officially got my own series going. That’s in addition to the Bonita pair (Bonita and You Can’t Keep Her), which will become another three book series within a year if all goes according to plan. Add to that, The Yellow Rose, which I co-authored with the late Bob Stewart, and I’m a six-book author now. No way to look at that as anything but positive.

What else?

I’ve kept myself somewhat saner than I would be had some invisible hand dropped down and frozen me in my writing tracks. An artist denied is an artist unhinged and perhaps dangerous. All the dilemmas I invented, albeit dropped into historical settings, are not my inventions at all. The racism, injustice, random disasters resulting from best intentions, searches for meaning, attempts to discover and define identity and realize abstract notions in the concrete world, and many of the other themes that seem to recur whenever I tell create a story–these are all part of my contemporary landscape. Working with them, through them, around them, help me understand and in some undefinable way cope with the events and people that shape my everyday life.

And what next?

Weren’t you paying attention? It’s on to Runaway, the working title for book 3 in the Bonita saga. Lucky Book #7. Onward.


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