51SrZNP6ftL._AA160_It’s a bubbling pot of passion and intrigue is The Boston Connection. Dick Moomey takes us to a small private school named Ramsdell somewhere in the Boston vicinity and lifts the lid on a stew of intrigue.


The book’s inciting incident–the hammer-murder of an older society couple in their Boston bedroom–is only a starter crime. As events develop, the unknown pepetrator(s?) engages in a myriad of other dastardly deeds–most, though not all, connected to the original. Plus, it turns out that the whole school faculty and staff are randy as caged goats and go around  expressing their horny needs at the least opportunity. And I shouldn’t fail to mention the juicy cuninglinguistics we encounter as complications ensue.

The characters are well-drawn and complex. The mystery is deep, with enough red herrings to open a fish market, and if you’re not surprised when  the who that dunnit is unmasked, you’re a better sleuth than I am.

It’s easy to connect with this tasty detective tale, quite a departure from Moomey’s last effort, a coming of age novel called The Reluctant Witness. Try them both. They’re more than worth it.

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