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Young hottie Jeanine is in trouble. She owes a loan shark a bundle, and the clock is ticking on the vig. So when she gets a shot at adult movie stardom, she goes for it despite a swarm of misgivings. To complicate matters, her new line of work jars loose some internal dynamics, and her symbiont—the internal twin she’s spent years learning to coexist with—decides she wants a bigger piece of the psychic pie.

Line 21 is a work of “erotic fantasy,” and there’s certainly a lot of XXX. However, the fantasy aspect—the battle for dominance between the two women inhabiting the same bodY—deserves equal billing. As well, the last few chapters contain some poignant romance and a bit of a detective novel slant as well. If you’re looking for unadulterated pornography, this is not your book. If you want something intensely erotic with an actual plot, believable characters, and a genuine emotion or two, Line 21 is for you.



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