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    Daughter of Hauk transports us into a Medieval-like world of wizards and witches and elves and devils where anything is liable to happen to anyone at any moment. Kate Marie Collins’ characters fight for their lives and souls, and there’s no help for us readers–we’re swept along in the fury and pain and joy of a war where swords and magic and gems and chains and good and evil battle for domination of the universe. Lest this sounds like just a kids’ story, it’s not. It’s for anyone who can read.

pastedGraphic.pdfThe Daughter of the title, Arwenna, is on a quest to save her people as well as on a quest to find herself, her destiny, and the truth of her past. Her companions love and protect her not only as a person, but as the only one with the power to bring them victory. Collins invests the tale with all the mythic power it suggests and deserves. The legends and secrets are numerous and intriguing. The battles are epic, their outcome often in doubt. And, whatever you do, do not skip the epilogue. Without that, you’re left without the heart of this very engaging novel.

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