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9780062188403Vince Majestyk grows melons in Arizona, and he’s got labor problems. The crop is coming in and he’s being muscled by a mob labor leader to use his guys to finish the job. Vince won’t play ball, ends up getting into it with the guy, ends up in jail on an assault charge, and ends up in the middle of a jailbreak by a crime boss on the bus that’s transporting them both to prison.

Majestyk has a military background and a very hard head, so he’s unwilling to trust anyone else from crooks to cops to get him out of the mess. Along the way, he falls in romance, then love, with a rebellious Chicana who reciprocates the affection. 220px-Elmore_LeonardBetween the two of them, they set about bringing the melons to fruition and sending the crooks off to their rightful rewards. For us readers, we get humor, excitement, and delight in every page. Yum.

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