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103808270This is going to sound like a cry from Jurassic Park, but here goes anyhow. Among the gripes I have about SoCal is the insistence on tacking a “the” to names of freeways. “The” 10, “The” 101, “The” 410 and on and on. The practice has crept its way north, too. I’m sure we will all be speaking the dialect soon. What’s my problem? Does anyone live on “the” Maple Street? Is the main boulevard in San Francisco “The” Market Street? Is the main West Coast N-S freeway “the” I-5? (Maybe it is or will be by the time I post this. What about the old days of 101, 280, 880 and so on? Are they lost and gone forever? Yes indeed. And so long, it’s been good to know ya.

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