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The book’s unpublished right now, so you’ll have to wait for the full impact, but here’s a peek:

Amanda Black grew up in the small community of  Valley, went away to school and built a successful career in a distant community after the horrible death of her father.

Years later, a mysterious development in connection with that death brings Amanda back home to explore the ramifications. To say that complications ensue would be like saying hurricane Sandy was a rainstorm.

Satanic cults, orgies, drugs, and three more murders rock the little town with the force of a 10.0 earthquake. Amanda’s in constant danger, as is the local minister, Marilyn Henry, what with rocks and notes and hypnotism and vehicular assaults and—a veritable plague of violence and threats thereof.

The local police force is way beyond its depth, and we watch a wily criminal leave them in bewildered confusion time after time.

Not so, the intelligent and courageous Amanda and her group of equally intrepid friends. It finally falls to her, her veterinarian lover/high-school-sweet-heart, the minister, and a past victim of the perpetrator to devise a scheme for defeating him.

The details of the scheme, the twists that play out as the plot is executed, and the final results I’ll leave you, the reader, to experience as a reader. It would be a spoiler’s prank to recount them here.

Just sit down wit VALLEY, go to page one, and make no other plans for the evening because you won’t be stopping till you reach the last page.

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