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X-Ray clear. No tumors, no noomoania, no heart failure. You better in fact you well. Ok you right. Act all right you be all right except who all right wakes up at two am shivering and puts on more clothes and covers and still shivering and climbs in a scalding water still shivering answer me that question ms clear X-Ray. Ok maybe not so well after all X-Rays not everything can’t see into the soul of your sickness, just skim along the top kinda tells you a lot but not like I said not everything by a long shot so try these here pills I’m gonna send down to the store for them to be ready for you.

So what if it’s been three weeks you been up tottering then flat back down again and sleeping and coughing Not so long back they did all that for months over and over the strongest and weakest of them and the ones that died which were legions lighted their way to dusky death so quit complaining then I wouldn’t be human so whining makes you human

Take pills be glad you feeling pained at least you feeling something you feeling nothing you be you know what

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