What we have here are two reviews of a super new crime novel, The Truth Lies Buried,  by Lesley Welsh.


You can read my own take on the book at http://bit.ly/29BEPxJ  Add these commentaries all up and you know there’ll be a big hole in your life if you don’t rush to it immediately.




Reading this ten days ago I thought it was wonderful. Now that my better half has read it and we’ve done all the post-mortems and compared our clinical notes, we rank it as outstanding.

The style is nuanced, sly, wry, and fiercely intelligent, without a superfluous word. Cultural allusions and quotable quotes abound, with two already established in our domestic lexicon.

You know from the get-go that a beautiful terror is born, and the joyride just keeps getting better. It’s all down to feisty, complex Monica, whose heart must have been forged from some mercury-tungsten amalgam. Her love and lust lead to chaos, lunacy, muddle and mayhem, carving up turf, inheritances and physiognomies, with unassailable logic and inevitability.

To sum up: a riveting crime novel that twists, turns, wrings and wrenches its way through a mesmerising cast of sentient psychopaths, a hitlist of great characters – most gone far too soon – but, I guess, c’est la morte. But then again who ever said that death was fair? And why can’t I find an English word for noir?’

‘Sam Riley, the protagonist, is an ex-hitwoman, ex-soldier, ex-bouncer, and guardian of the innocent. The antagonists are legion and not one-dimensionally evil or cartoonish. Lesley Welsh, the writer, is truly gifted: she is a storyteller who can set up a noir-ish scene, with noir-ish dialog, and noir-ish characters without any plodding digressions. This book has been the best surprise out of amazon’s kindle unlimited since I joined, and probably the best action/crime novel I’ve read this year. I’m looking forward to more from Lesley Welsh.’

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