Still working...


Apparently content and affable.

Indeed, at the moment the shot was taken, both those words described my mood.

However, when I began to construct this blog, I found that I could not manipulate the images as I once could in a previous incarnation of Word Press. BTW, note the pale moon rising in the image on the left. It was one of the marvels of this trip, the full moon we by chance encountered showing nicely even in daylight.

I was on my way to Copper Canyon, a marvelous and wondrous section of Mexico never as celebrated as, say, Cancun, and other resort destinations. Much of the area is up in the 6000-8000 foot altitude, and not easily accessible. This canyon (canyons, plural, really, seven of them) are deeper and wider than the Grand.

By the way, note the pale moon rising (credit, of course to Credence Clearwater for the phrase I used to describe the moment.)

However, when I began to construct this blog, I found that I could not do a number of things I used to be able to do in previous incarnations of Word Press, For example, I cannot clip images as I used to. The best I can do is do a sort of zoom thing which changes the size of the image but does not enable me to cut out features I don’t want.

And there are other things that I always wanted to do but cannot. For example, change the color, font size, or placement of blog titles.

I decided I was fed up and went looking for alternatives. I went on line, talked to people, etc. Not much help. You see, myu blog self is hosted by an outfit called, of all things, GoDaddy. In order to change providers and create a new website that would do all that I want, I would have to pick up my present product, all the blogs I have created over the years, transfer them over to some new host, and learn everything all over again. Too old for all that. So I am still here with Go Daddy and Word Press (the corporation that controls the media I use to operate in the host, the way I understand it the corporate setup. I may not be describing it correctly, but I don’t much care.) It’s expensive to transform the website to do what I want (At least they advertise they can make it do what they want.), but I can at least go forward with more presentable and less frustrating blog creation.

Wish me luck

I do.

In the meantime, I give you once again, me, flying into the future.

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