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We were strolling woods and swimming through birdsong that turned somehow into summer thunder and stabbing lightning that tore  a smoldering hole in what used to be a moment ago a whole and beautiful pine or was it an oak I don’t quite remember and it doesn’t matter really what matters or did was its wholeness, its upright beauty bending in the wind and dancing balletic while that  coming again the snapping rumble and the withering downpour that will soak you and dry you out all at once like some sort of holy paradox that one can maybe describe but never understand, and overtake you even when you’re standing still and minding your own business and meaning no harm or even disturbance to anyone or anything and don’t’ you know it can happen like that and not only can but does in nature which doesnt care a dam or a dram about you or what you want or what you intended or doesn’t even know you’re in the way but just slams its way into and around you until its finished and like the magic finger having writ moves on and I say amen and can you say amen once more and even then give me one last until next time aaamen.

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