Interview time  at my virtual booth Sunday, Nov. 21 @2:00 pacific, 5:00 eastern. Here’s the link to my virtual booth. Here’s the link. wide-ranging discussion will focus on I don’t know what. It’s a spontaneous thing, but for sure we’ll look at the six novels I brought to the festival–This next-to-last event is a 30-minute dive into THE YELLOW ROSE, A NOVEL OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION (CO-AUTHORED WITH BOB STEWART), THE MAXWELL SAGA TRILOGY (The Maxwell Vendetta, The Second Vendetta, and Swindle in Sawtooth Valley), BONITA and its sequel, YOU CAN’T KEEP HER as well as some back and forth about my life as a writer.
Come on along. It promises to be quite a ride.
[You can catch any episode you missed at the same link and see you at the festival.



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