Edification and delight await you still at my virtual booth Saturday, Nov. 20 @1:00 pacific, 4:00 eastern. Here’s the link to my virtual booth.

This next-to-last event is a 30-minute dive into THE YELLOW ROSE, A NOVEL OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, starring Sam Houston and Emily West (Morgan?) and their epic struggle against the Mexican general Santa Ana. It’s co-authored by me and a real native Texan, my friend and colleague, Bob Stewart.

The very last minutes of the festival happen Sunday, Nov. 21—an hour long interview about The Yellow Rose and the other 5 novels I brought to the festival as well as some discussion about my life as a writer. Come on along. It promises to be quite a ride.

By the way, you can catch earlier sessions you might have missed (Daily, starting last Saturday 11/13) at the web address above.

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