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Tryan’s Thirst is my first expedition into Paranormal Romance, a genre I didn’t even know existed till I joined the Solstice Publishing Authors group recently. My contact with paranormal literature has been pretty much confined to a couple of Anne Rice novels a while back, and she has a way of making the back and forth into imaginary worlds not so abnormal. Of course, there’s C.S. Lewis, and there’s Lewis Carroll, and there’s all that sci-fi I consumed in earlier years, but believe me, this is something quite different.

The novel opens with an overweight, lonely young lady (Kat/Kathryn) getting fired from her job in a supermarket. Author Lindsen lets us know her problems up front, but she also lets us know she has spunk because she’s dismissed for throwing a pack of batteries at a rude customer. Thus, soon after, when the gates of hell open in her neighborhood, allowing vampires, zombies, and furies out for their every-century-or-so romp and feast among the human population, we can tell she has a chance. Sure enough, guts and ingenuity get her through the first few hours, and it looks as if she’ll survive.

Fast forward a couple of years. Kat has shrunk from a 16 to a 2 and is in great shape, though her life is in peril every moment of every day. Then comes Tryan and…well, it would be unfair to reveal more of this thrill-a-minute story. Suffice it to say there’s enough blood, sex, and violence to keep you mightily entertained through the whole novella. Despite some shortcomings in prose and plot, the characters are strong and interesting (have to be. Gore and semen is never enough by itself.), and the ending is one of those…well, once again, read it for yourself and find out. It was my first venture into paranormal romance, and I’m betting it won’t be my last.

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