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2013-08-03 14.22.58Saturday day trip to the oh-so-famous Scottish photo copy 44Highlands, and oh-so-high they turned out to be, with ski resorts and everything. Unfortunately our iphoto troubles continue, so the visuals are impaired, but we’re trying.

Among many highlights was a stroll through the picturesque village of Pitlochry–think of a sort of Mendocino with stone buildings and lots of sweaters.







It was a rather squally day, but we managed to dodge the showers, if not the wind, for a roadside picni

2013-08-03 15.38.09

You want to know where your sweaters come from, they’re running 2013-08-03 14.53.31all over the hillsides and sometimes the roads.





Postcard scenery all the way. Many evergreen forests (not pictured).

photo copy 3








And old-fashioned communication, apparently endangered

photo copy 42





Then it was off the moors into the valley of the River Dee (love these names) and a stop opposite Balmoral Castle, which we could neither see nor approach, the queen being in residence and all. We did get a peek at her church, though could not get inside. 2013-08-03 18.14.112013-08-03 18.15.31













Next day, Nephew/niece/great-niece Geoff/Rachel/Eleanore trained up from London and met us. You’ll be seeing more of them as we continue south, but here’s a peek at yesterday’s activities.

photo copy 21The dog is called Greyfriars’ Bobby because he photo copy 32followed his master’s coffin to the grave in 1858 and hung around the graveside many years till he died himself. Now he’s a statue and a pub outside the old monastery and a great setting for a Susanne and Eleanor photo-op.

photo copy 51The Rpyal Museum of Scotland Scottish is an outstanding facility, especially if you have kids. We thought it might have been a converted train station it’s so vast with the glass roof and all, but it was built as an exhibition hall by the University of E. across the street. A grand space filled with It’s interactive stations in various places–a robot that spells your name out in children’s blocks, a dragon whose various body parts you can move with a crank, a chair with alternative pulley arrangements that shows how you mechanical aids can help you move yourself up and down. And on and on with Scottish history, Egyptian exhibits, and steam engine history, and a bonus just for us, a little show about Mary Queen of Scots complete with costumes for the audience, and exhibits of Elizabethan food and armor. Yum.photo copy 25 photo copy 29







And speaking of yum, Ashleigh the Great invited all back to our manse for a splendid supper and fun and games. The dog Eleanor is riding is Ashleigh’s childhood toy, Bonzo. Ever had a more perfect day? Not us.

photo copy 26

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